Monday, August 15, 2011

GB Cart Flasher Software 1.3 for MAC OSX (SNOW LEOPARD)

Well I had gotten the programmer to work under Windows.. but I really wanted to work under my MAC!! Well.. I compiled the source to no avail.. And when things looked bleak I found a place that boasted of a working OSX binary!! yay, I proclaimed!! But still no avail... (be sure to check it out, it may work for you... -> flasher-for-osx)

Running the original compiled source, I couldn't do a single facken thing...
Running the flash-for-osx, I could barely do 1 thing...

So, I took a closer look into the source code to find that there are 2 different kinds of FTDI drivers being used. The windows source (which is groovy with my hardware) is using the D2XX drivers. Then there's the VCP drivers.. Well it seems like the Linux/MAC source code was using the crappier *ahem* VCP version.. So I opted to have it use ftd2xx.. After some modding I was in business.

Then I just made a different logo with my gameboy and flasher on it.... my name too of course 8). Well Hey, I hope it works for you too.... :D



  1. Get d2XX - > (im using 1.0.4 x64)
  2. follow instructions to get the dylib and ftd2xx.h files into your system. 
  3. Go into gbcflsh directory and 
  4. qmake (you need qmake)..
  5. make
  6. sudo make install
  7. yay.
If I remember correctly you need QT-dev.. this is a QT application after all...
Well good luck fellas!!

After about 30 continuous openings of the program before a reboot.. the program eventually hangs on a startup.. I can't figure out why this is happening :[


  1. FYI, I was having trouble running this on OS X Mavericks until I checked this page:

  2. Thanks for putting this out there! Any chance of just distributing a compiled version?

    1. Herp derp. Thanks! I'm glad! So, I haven't actually learned how to distribute binaries that just work for anybody. Do you know how to do that? I have a lot of projects right now, in progress, so without a push or some help I wouldn't do it.

    2. In case anyone is still looking for a binary. Here's a compiled app which includes the Qt framework necessary to run. Haven't tested on other systems but it should work.

      I modified the icon and removed the image from the app window to reduce clutter.

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    thank you :)